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Oblates of Shantivanam

Oblates of Shantivanam

What is an Oblate of Shantivanam

Oblates of Shantivanam are individuals or families who have associated themselves with Shantivanam community in order to enrich their spiritual life. Oblates shape their lives by living the wisdom of Christ and seek God in the spiritual tradition of Jules Monchanin (Swami Parama Arubiananda), Henry Le Saux (Swami Abhishiktananda) and Fr Bede Griffiths (Swami Dayananda). By integrating their prayer and work, they manifest God's presence in the place wherever they live and live for the wellbeing and harmony of all. Oblates adopt values of Christian spirituality, such as, lectio divina spending time for daily meditation on the Sacred Scriptures; cultivating an awareness of the presence of God in silence and contemplation.

Saccidananda ashram Shantivanam was started on 21st March 1950 by Jules Monchanin and Henry Le Saux therefore on 21st March we are celebrating the 63rd birthday of our ashram.On this occasion I am pleased to announce that we have opened the website for oblates of Shantivanam to be in communication with each other and with our community. I am sure that this website will help us to deepen our spiritual pursuit and promote the communication between Shantivanam and oblates more…

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